It's not even authentic to the story though! Dr. Doom is a fucking Internet blogger named Viktor Domashev or some such shit. I mean, really. There are degrees of stupidity here & hiring a black actor ( a good actor no less) to play a white fire man shouldn't even register. »5/24/15 3:42am5/24/15 3:42am


Tink Embraces Being a Feminist, Says She's 'Not the Ideal Pop Star'

Plenty of female pop stars have actively avoided the label "feminist." The sad but somewhat valid fear is that it carries too much weight. So it's refreshing anytime an artist—especially a new one—outright embraces it, like Tink does in her cover story for the Feb/March issue of The Fader. »2/18/15 1:44am2/18/15 1:44am

I've lost about 50 pounds, but it has taken me probably more than a year to do it. I get light exercise all the time in my job (a lot of walking), but what really spurred my weight loss was changing my diet. Not dieting, but changing the way I eat — permanently. I never starve myself. I eat plenty of food — I just… »1/19/15 3:26am1/19/15 3:26am

How old is your daughter?? There are several very good books about touching and touches that are not okay. As a child molestation survivor I told my daughter all of the proper names for all parts of her body from a young age and now that she's ten and beginning puberty I got her this book which covers pretty much… »9/24/14 4:25pm9/24/14 4:25pm