Yeah, I can see both of your points. I support pornography that feature consenting & enthusiastic adults, while not showing a segment of the population being disproportionately mistreated. At the same time porn has traditionally and is still rooted in catering to the hetersexual male gaze & includes a lot of scenes… » 6/20/14 3:43am 6/20/14 3:43am

Okay, clearly there's no one-size-fits all method, and even those damn Youtube makeup gurus & bloggers can't account for everybody's skin (take it from my personal experience & probably yours). Mine coincides most with Beautylish, since it's the most intuitive & common-sense. I wouldn't put on all the makeup in the… » 6/14/14 3:12pm 6/14/14 3:12pm

It just sucks having an STD. You have to disclose it to every partner you're in contact with & risk having your privacy violated. There's a huge stigma associated with contracting STDs plus the fact that the victim is slut-shamed because she's a woman. » 6/09/14 1:57am 6/09/14 1:57am