While I appreciate the clarification, I hate how the conversation devolved into what's condescending & what's not. Not everyone comes from the same background or have the same perspective on things. An international student at my school didn't understand the concept of a faucet until it was explained to her. It's true… » 9/02/14 7:21am Today 7:21am

I think it's great that her dress is simple. For people who can throw gobs of money at anything, it shows deliberation. The material is beautiful & what they're trying to draw attention to is the back of the dress where she has her kids' drawings. Those are what really matters to them & taken together makes the dress… » 9/02/14 12:55am Today 12:55am

Are you really that petty? Do you seriously go around pursuing every minor injustice against your gender (in a fucking headline, when the author is fair everywhere else) when so many more serious issues affect them? I'm saying this as a feminist & someone who studies men & masculinities. You're not doing yourself or… » 8/27/14 11:38am Wednesday 11:38am